SOLICITUD 2017 1121400 INGENIERIA DE MULTIMEDIA RSS feed for public list SOLICITUD 2017 1121400 INGENIERIA DE MULTIMEDIA A software engineer learns HTML5, JavaScript & jQuery / by Dane, Cameron Android programming : Android programming for beginners : by Horton, John Applied big data analytics in operations management / Applied partial differential equations : by Haberman, Richard Apps HTML5 para móviles : by De Luca, Damián Aprender a programar Apps con HTML5, CSS y JavaScript : Aprender flash pro CC : Aprender illustrator CC : Aprender JavaScript avanzado con 100 ejercicios prácticos / Aprender JavaScript con 100 ejercicios prácticos / Bases de datos : by López Montalbán, Iván Basic partial differential equations / by Bleecker, David Business model generation : by Osterwalder, Alexander Cartoon character animation with Maya : by Osborn, Keith Cómo hacer un proyecto de investigación : by Tafur Portilla, Raúl Complex variables / by Fisher, Stephen D. Computer systems : by Bryant, Randal E. Creacion De Paginas Web Creación de un sitio web con PHP y MySQL /  by Pavón Puertas, Jacobo Desarrollo de aplicaciones C# con Visual Studio. NET :  by Orbegozo Arana, Borja Desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles con Android / by Nolasco Valenzuela, Jorge Santiago Desarrollo de interfaces / by Ferrer Martínez, Juan Designing games : by Sylvester, Tynan Developing and applying optoelectronics in machine vision / Digital image processing : by Gonzalez, Rafael C. Digital tools for computer music production and distribution / El mundo genuino-Arduino : by Torrente Artero, Óscar Estadística para la investigación social / Feature detectors and motion detection in video processing / Gamificación : by Ramírez C., José Luis Gamification-based e-learning strategies for computer programming education / by Peixoto de Queiros, Ricardo Alexandre HTML5 para mentes maestras : by Gauchat, J. D. HTML5, CSS Y JavaScript : by Luján Castillo, José Dimas Integrating cognitive architectures into virtual character design / by Jeremy Owen Turner Javascript & Jquery: by Duckett, Jon Jquery mobile : by Zanini, Viviana Mastering embedded Linux programming : by Simmonds, Chris Mastering Linux shell scripting : by Mallett, Andrew Metodología de la programación orientada a objetos / by López Román, Leobardo Minería de datos a través de ejemplos / by Pérez Marqués, María Mobile application development, usability, and security / Multi-core computer vision and image processing for intelligent applications / Narrative as virtual reality 2 : by Ryan, Marie-Laure Open source solutions for knowledge management and technological ecosystems / Partial differential equations for scientists and engineers / by Farlow, Stanley J. Pattern recognition and classification in time series data / Programe juegos con ActionScript 3.0 / by Arce Anguiano, Francisco Javier Programe juegos con HTML5 / by Arce Anguiano, Francisco Javier Python fácil / by Pérez Castaño, Arnaldo Research advances in the integration of big data and smart computing / SQL fácil /  by Chardi García, Pere The startup owner's manual : by Blank, Steve Value proposition design : Videojuegos : by Ares, Mara